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Taming Sari is pronounced as ‘Thaa-ming Sur-ree’, is a famous dagger in Malay folklore. It was wielded by the legendary Malaysian warrior Hang Tuah in which its wielder was believed to have a physical invulnerability and protection against his enemy and rivals.

Inspired by the energy, power and agility of Taming Sari Malay dagger, Taming Sari encryption software is designed to be revolutionary software that takes care of your data privacy, ensures that it stays private and confidential – even if it ends up in the wrong hands.

our features

Why Taming Sari

A stand alone software that allows you to protect the confidentiality of your files and conversation through military grade encryption algorithm, 2-Factor authentication and strong cryptographic techniques.

Secure Collaborative
File Sharing
Monitor files
Fast encryption and
Decryption Process
Runs on Windows
& Mac Operating System
No Password
Implements Digital Envelope, Randomization and Public Key Cryptography Standards


Total Encrypted


Total Decrypted


Active User
The strength of Taming Sari

Advanced Risk and Key Management with Taming Sari

With Taming Sari, user’s encryption keys are not stored anywhere in Taming Sari’s server. They are uniquely and randomly generated with 256-bit length, and protected using Taming Sari’s advanced risk management at user’s device. 

Not only that, if a user wishes to share the secured file with the other party, there is no need for the user to inform the recipient what was the secret key used during the encryption process. It is handled by Taming Sari’s advanced and secure Key Management.

Easy step

How to get started

TS How to get started

1. Register & Download

Register and get the latest version of Taming Sari encryption software

TS How to get started

2. Encrypt

Select files that you want to protect, or type your confidential conversation text

TS How to get started

3. Share

Share your protected files and/or confidential conversation with authorized party (ies)

TS How to get started

4. Monitor

Help track data leakage and dissemination

TS How to get started

5. Piece-Of-Mind

Authorized parties are verified through 2-factor authentication

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