Who are we?

Our vision is to enable millions of people around the globe to unlock the power of cryptographic techniques and give them the empowerment to manage the privacy and confidentiality of their data and conversation.

Malaysian-Based Technology

Taming Sari was carefully designed, developed, analyzed and tested by a group of energetic and bright team from Malaysia that consist of cryptographers, data security experts and highly experienced software developers.

Our Journey

Taming Sari was designed purely from an enthusiast heart of a Malaysian cryptographer. It started from a small project, full of trials and learning, had the software demoed and tested, and gathered feedback. The project then turned out to be more exciting and bigger. More fund was invested and only the best people were selected to complete the mission. In 2021, Taming Sari finally achieves its another big milestone with a new fresh look and appearance, highly user friendly and wonderful user experience interface, and enhanced features. Taming Sari is proud to serve you the best that we can. Do contact us for further discussion and we are more than happy to assist you with personalized Taming Sari, be it for individual or for your organization. Subscribe to Taming Sari or contact us now!

Contact Us

Contact us at team@taming-sari.com